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Overview of EB-3 Visa Application Procedure

The way toward getting a green card for nurses can be challenging, so we've made a free immigration sponsorship process for international nurses that we oversee from application through endorsements. Here's the means by which it works.

  • Sign Up

    You apply online. If we offer you a position, the process begins.

  • Pass The NCLEX

    Have you taken the NCLEX-RN exam yet? Actually by doing so you will highly increase your chances to get hired by US employers. This also means you meets the immigration requirements and once selected the immigration process can start fast.

  • We File A Petition

    Once you pass the NCLEX, We will file an I-140 petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf. The petition includes forms, as well as information about your nursing background and about the Assigned Facility as an employer.

  • Your Petition Is Processed

    All petitions to meet EB3 visa requirements are either:

    • Approved
    • Denied
    • Trigger a Request For Evidence (RFE) aka more information.

    Because of our legal expertise, most of our petitions result in approvals. Sometimes we receive RFEs that delay the process, but our petitions are ultimately typically approved.

  • You Receive A Priority Date

    Once your petition is approved, USCIS assigns you a priority date, which puts you in line for a visa. These are first-come, first-served, however nationality does factor in as some countries have greater demand for immigration. The USCIS releases a monthly bulletin with this information, which we tracks and shares.

  • You Take The IELTS Exam

    While waiting for your date to become current, you can take the International English Language Testing System exam (IELTS) to demonstrate language proficiency.

  • Visa Stage And Applying For A VisaScreen Certificate

    You then enter the visa stage, which is controlled by the National Visa Center (NVC). After passing the IELTS exam, you will be eligible to apply for a VisaScreen Certificate. To get this certificate, CGFNS International will conduct a comprehensive screening to ensure that you are eligible for a permanent resident visa. This VisaScreen will be required at your embassy interview.

    • We pay all your fees and submit documents on your behalf to the NVC.
    • The NVC may request more documents, which can again delay the process, but we will work tirelessly to get you a case complete.
  • U.S. Embassy Interview

    The last step is to attend an interview. We will prepare you fully with documents, a medical exam, and information about what you can expect in the interview.

  • You Move To The US

    Once you pass the interview, you’ll begin the process of moving to the U.S, get your green card, and begin your career with the assigned facility.

About Us

Find Out More About Us

We are a team that specializes in facilitating the immigration process of our beneficiary.

We are working hard to help the US meet the increased demand of healthcare practitioners, and that starts with guiding nurses understand EB3 visa requirements.

The process to meet EB3 visa requirements is not simple, but it can be much simpler if you partner with an organization that understand and manages the whole process. We always put the care to all our applications to yield us a high success rate of approval.

If your EB3 Visa Application is important to you, here are why you should work with us.

  • Backed By A Prominent Healthcare Company

    We are authorized to provide qualified USRN beneficiaries exclusively to the healthcare service company we are working with and its nursing facilities.

  • Work with Dedicated Immigration Attorney

    We have a dedicated EB-3 attorney that specializes in employment immigration who will closely work from gathering evidence and filing the petition to responding to obstacles such as RFE.

Our Work

What We Have Accomplished

We are committed and focused professionals. We are here to help you.






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Meet our Beneficiaries

These are the glimpse of our successful stories that went through our specialized program. You can be one of them.

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  • Hear What They Say
My journey towards where I am right now is definitely not an overnight success story. As someone who envisions great things for his future, I know where I wanted to be but had no idea how to get there,however, the journey became clearer when I joined Rockport EB3 program in 2019. Being at this point, I could definitely tell you that the application was not an easy process. I wouldn’t have made it through if it weren’t for the team who guided me all through out the way. I was blessed that Rockport Healthcare Services was there to guide me towards the right path. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Rockport Healthcare Services especially to Ms. Victoria Yrorita and her team for helping me achieve my lifelong dream to work and live in the US. Please continue to be God’s instrument in helping my fellow nurses who want to achieve something big in their careers. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Felix John Ligot
Guided us from start until today! They don’t have to do it but they did over and beyond for me and my family. Very professional people and knowledgeable in EB3 processing. I trusted my family’s future with them and they didn’t disappoint me! Transition in the USA is easier coz they created a helpful community for us. Look nowhere else if you plan on migrating in the USA. See you all!
Gene Conrad Pineda
I was about to give up my American dream until I met Ms. Vicky and Sir Vlad and was moved by their inspirational words and goals. The process is never easy but with their help and guidance everything runs smooth. Being able to pursue my career as a nurse and bringing my whole family in the “land of the free” is such a great opportunity I will forever cherish.
Glenah Marie Real
My American Dream was made into reality through the help of Rockport. I am thankful for the hardwork of all the staff, from all the way to the Philippines and here in California. I appreciate Rockport's culture of giving back that was inspired by Ms. V. The assistance I have received from the EB3 nurses who came here before me, truly helped me while I am adopting to my new life in California. I am glad to be a part of Rockport Family, and will surely continue the culture of giving back. I would happily recommend Rockport to those who want to pursue their American Dream!
Ivee Bustamante
I applied last Feb 2019 with Rockport, without a doubt. After 2 gruelling years, I made it with the help from them. My journey coming here in the US was not easy but I trust the whole process and everything went well. Thank you for the help to attain my dream as a full pledge nurse here in California!
Janice Sarmiento
It was in August 2019 when I started my journey with Rockport. During this period, I met two amazing people that I never thought would significantly impact my life, Mr. and Mrs. Yrorita. Throughout the process, they were accommodating and would answer all your queries. Fast forward, on October 2020, I was the first applicant out of a hundred to be able to get an appointment for interview with the embassy and was tagged as RN1 by the company. Despite the bumps experienced along the way, everybody in Rockport we're very amazing and will help you with whatever you need. On April 2020, I finally arrived in Los Angeles, Califonia and with more than a month stay in LA, they never left me, accommodated all my needs, and even helped me with the do’s, dont, and whatnot in the country. Now, I am in San Diego and working with Rockport makes you feel like family. To my Rockport family, mainly Ate Vicky, thank you for making one of my lifelong dreams come true, and now I can finally say I am living the California life.
John Vincent Vasquez
Grateful and very thankful to Ma’am Vicky, sir Pilo and team. Never had I imagined that I would enjoy my time here in California. I only see it on movies but now I see the wonderful views and smell the freshness breeze of American air haha. The agency and the help of all Ma’am Vicky’s staff is legit, I owe them my life here and my future.
Jolly Paz Libres Amper
I am more than grateful to be part of this EB-3 program. The assistance and support I received since the recruitment, then during the immigration process, up to my deployment and until now is always prompt and beyond my expectations. Also, the clinical training that we had before starting work best equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed. For me, this program does not only gather healthcare professionals to work in the US but is growing a family of very kind and compassionate individuals, inspired to help each other as we journey through our American dream.
Noreen Lazatin
Starting a new job can be hard, and even more difficult when you are in another country, far from home. Rockport's EB3 program provided me with all the support that I needed. The team is very professional and the whole process was a breeze. Rockport's EB3 program gave me all the support needed to get to where I am now. They stayed alongside me, from the beginning, until I got settled in the US. The team also treated me like family, and they always got my back. With them, I never really felt too far from home.
Robert John Peredo
Blessed to be part of the EB3 program who assisted me every step of the way with their expertise from handling the immigration process to transitioning life in the US. They provided the necessary trainings, accommodations and the resources needed for me to start my American Dream. They lent a helping hand whenever I needed one. The thought of moving alone was intimidating for me but knowing I had a reliable team of professionals whose looking after me and my success made me feel safe and assured. They truly have your best interest at heart! The support they gave me was remarkable. They just didn’t give me a job, they gave me a family. I have nothing but praise for the EB3 program.
Roselle Marigomen


Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find out if we already have the common answers.

  • We are not a recruiting agency or any similar entities. We are a direct hire backed by a healthcare services company and the nursing homes they serve.

  • We do not collect any upfront fees. Register to understand more on how we can manage these fees.

  • As for the required legal and government fees, only the beneficiary (applicant) will be given if there is any applicable.

  • Yes. In most (if not all) EB-3 cases, you can use an additional service called premium processing to reduce I-140 processing time. By filling out Form I-907 and paying the fee, the petition time can be shorten to 15 calendar days.
    However, the fact that your request will be approved within 15 days does not mean that you can get a green card at that time. You still have to wait for the priority date to be current.

  • We are currently helping the nursing facilities to meet the demand of their nurses. We are welcoming only NCLEX passers to any state unless otherwise stated.


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